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1. Biodata

First name: Farhad

Family name: Mazlum Zavarag

Address: English Department, Faculty Human Sciences, Maragheh University, Iran.

Cell Phone: +98 0914 420 5393

Email: mazlumzf@yahoo.com

Date of Birth: 1976

Place of Birth: Maragha, E. Azerbaijan, Iran

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Married


سوابق تحصیلی


PhD in Applied Linguistics/TEFL  from Kharazmi University, Tehran

M.A. in TEFL, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran.

B.A. in TEFL, Kharazmi University, Tehran.


سوابق تدریس

2007-present          Lecturer in University of Maragheh, E. Azerbaijan

2006-2007             Lecturer in Kharazmi University, Tehran

2001-2004             ESP instructor & lecturer in Payame-Nour University

2001-2004             ESP instructor & lecturer in Community Colleges

2002-2003             ESP instructor & lecturer in Ulume-Ghorani University

2002-2003             Teacher Educator and in-service trainer; Ministry of Education

1999- 2000            TOEFL Preparatory instructor, Zabansara Language Institute

2000-2008             English teacher in public high schools



زمینه های پژوهشی

خلاصه مقالات


2013                An ESP approach to course and material design for the students of agriculture. Taiwan International ESP Journal, 5 (2), 21-46.   


2014                Discourse analysis of Lady Fatima’s Fadak discourse. International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Research, 1 (3), 1-22.


2014                Vocabulary assessment anew: de-institutionalizing assessment behavior. Roshd FLT Journal, 28(3), 50-57. 


2012                ELT Curriculum in Iran: planning and practice. The Curriculum Journal, 21(2), 123-140. (co-authored with Mahmood Reza Atai)


2012                Mainstream ELT curriculum implementation in Iran: A micro analysis perspective. Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature Society of Iran, 6 (2), 1-24. (co-authored with Mahmood Reza Atai and Esmat Babaii)


2010                A Corpus-based Analysis of Iranian High School English 

                        Textbooks, Roshd FLT Journal, 96(25), 14-25.  


2010                Performatives, Phonetic Repertoire, Phonological Processes, Socio-  emotional and Communicative Development of a Monolingual  Azerbaijani Turkish Child; Journal of Modern Turkish Studies, 5(1), 93-118.


2008                Cross-cultural Genre Analysis: Application Letters. Pazand Journal, 3(11), 1-8.


2008                                   New tasks for old texts: Alternative Techniques for Reading 

                         Comprehension Assessment, Roshd FLT Journal, 91 (23), 15-22.


2008                 Scoring Open-ended Reading Comprehension Items; Competing 

                           and Contrasting Criteria. Iranian Journal of Applied Linguistics, 10(2), 83-109.



9. Conferences & Workshops


2013                Word and language: Moslem thinkers’ and philosophers’ views. 3rd International Conference on the Eastern Thought Word in the Cultures of the East: Sound - Language – Book 28-30 November 2013, Kraków, Poland.


2013                English Language Teaching in Iran: a Meta-analytic and Triangulated View of Persistent. Challenges. The 1st International Conference on Language, Literature and Cultural Studies. August 22-24. Pattaya, Thailand.


2012                Social assumptions in EFL materials: a comparative study of Iranian, Turkish and Azerbaijani textbooks. 2nd National LDP Conference, Shahid Chamran University, Ahwaz, Iran.


2012                Evaluation, personnel, and methods policy in Iran's English language-in-education policy. International Conference of TELLSI 10, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


2012                ELT curriculum planning and implementation in Iran: policy rhetoric and practice realities. Symposium paper at the International Conference of TELLSI 10, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran.


2012                Iranian teachers' views on educational philosophies of Dewey, Rousseau, and Aristotle. Paper presented at the first National LL-T Conference, Ferdowsi Mashhad University, Iran.


2010                Does Providing L1 Equivalent of Unknown Vocabulary Items Affect/Enhance

                                   EFL learners' Reading Comprehension Level? An Empirical Investigation.           

                        Proceedings of the International Conference of Asia TEFL, Hanoi, Vietnam.


2010                 Translation Bias in the news; Towards Critical Translation. Paper presented at  

                        the National Conference on Translation Studies, Birjand University. (with 

                        Alireza Talebzadeh) 


2009                                The Use of ICT to Teach English; Focus on Internet and Cell Phones. Proceedings of the National Conference on Modern Instructional Methods, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University. (with Alireza Talebzadeh)



2010                                Globalization and Structural Development in Education; an Overview of Asia- Pacific Countries' Experiences. Proceedings of the National Conference on Modern Instructional Methods, Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University. (with Mahdi Dasta)



2011                                L1 Literacy for Iranian Bilinguals; Scientific, Ethical and Political Justifications. Abstract book of the 1st National Conference on Bilingualism and Education: Challenges, Perspectives and Solutions, Research Institute for Education in Tabriz.


2009                English Language Teaching: the neutral lingua franca or the modern 

                        Trojan horse? Paper presented at the 6th International Conference of 

                        ELT in Baku Slavic University, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.



2009            Teaching Grammar; Consciousness-raising activities vs. Practice. 

                         Workshop conducted at the 6th International Conference of ELT in 

                         Baku Slavic University, Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan.


2007                         Authentic Assessment; structural Vs communicative scoring rubrics for 

                      open-ended reading comprehension test items; paper presented in the 

                      Second Conference on Language Testing and Evaluation, Urmia, Iran.


2007                          Techniques for Testing Reading; an Overview, a workshop held in Urmia, the 2nd  

                         Conference on Language Testing and Evaluation, Urmia, Iran.  


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